Client Testimonials

Pete and Amanda Hannah - Clients: One-to-one full day wildlife workshop - March 2018

We both thoroughly enjoyed our day's lesson with you at Caerlaverock. Being new to the hobby we weren't sure what to expect but the day was fun and your teaching style was very relaxed and fun and has served as further encouragement to get out with our cameras even more.

Asad Syed - Client: One-to-one full day wildlife workshop plus full day group workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - November 2017

It was a pleasure to meet you and to spend time with you. You are a gentleman and a true professional. I wasn't sure when I started off what to expect at this unknown location. But believe me it has been the most wonderful three days of my photographic life. The place was absolutely awesome but above all I learned a lot from you. I had come to you with a lot of haphazard knowledge and you helped me clear the cobwebs and put everything in order. Your knowledge of the place was 2nd to none and you were spot on with the information about the reserve and the bird behaviour. In these three days I got the most amazing shots and more for which I can't thank you enough. I am already planning my next visit.

Tom, I found you to be extremely patient and flexible. You are very knowledgeable about photography and how to best capture these birds. What I most liked about you was that you remain enthusiastic and keen while teaching others. It was so refreshing to see that you came empty-handed without your camera just for the sake of teaching. You don't know how irritating and disappointing it is to see someone come as a tutor to bring the camera and click away throughout the workshop.

The red squirrel photography was a real hidden gem.

In short I would like to thank you for your company, help and all your teaching this weekend about photography and that I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wishes to improve their skills in photography and take awesome shots of geese and swans.

Nicky Robley - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - November 2017

Tom & Bob are very experienced wildlife photographers and I got a lot out of the wildlife photography workshop, with a mixture of class based instruction & practical hands on guided experience. I came away with some good images which hopefully I will build upon and gain further improvement with practice. It has also inspired me to aim to concentrate on one element, rather than flitting around which was my habit to do on a day out photographing! This was my first wildlife photography workshop and first visit to Caerlaverock and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

Judith Tilstone - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - November 2017

I went to the one day workshop on photographing wildlife and didn’t expect to have such a great day. As a complete novice and retiree (don’t pick things up as quickly as I used to!) I dreaded going there and feeling stupid. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Tom’s patience and ability to explain techniques and settings etc was truly outstanding. The twosome of Tom and Bob made sure nobody went home without a memory card full of great shots. These guys really understand the wildlife you will be photographing. On a personal note it is a day I will never forget. It’s what I wanted out of retirement. Tom and Bob, I can’t thank you enough or recommend the workshop highly enough. Many, many thanks to both of you.

Ken Hines - Client: One to One, Half Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - December 2016

Just had half day tuition and must say the explanations from a complete novice point of view were excellent. Given me confidence to take camera off auto. Would recommend session to anyone. Thanks Ken Hines

Kirsten Bax - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - November 2016

I recently went on a one-day Wildlife Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock with Tom and Bob - two friendly, helpful people, who took time to give individual tips, and also ran a well-structured course with a good mix of theory and practice. They gave lots of practical detail like suggested camera settings, plus some of their trade secrets, and general advice on composition. Caerlaverock is a terrific venue as the birds are close and the food is good. All in all, a super day.

Paul Kirby - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - November 2016

Thank you Tom, Bob and the WWT Caerlaverock team for a really good day. Booking and communication with WWT were excellent and offered a very personal touch. Organisation of the day was great with an inspirational introduction punctuated by helpful and supportive practical tips including camera handling, composition and understanding animal behaviour. The field sessions included one-to-one assistance and image review, together with welcome suggestions about capturing more technically advanced shots. Overall, a very relaxed, pleasant and productive day. Thank you.

Bill Tilstone - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at WWT Caerlaverock - March 2016

Just a wee note to say “Thank you” to you and Bob for a great day on Sunday. I had high expectations after the success of the Scottish Seabird Centre one at the beginning of last year, and was not in the least disappointed. Yet again you demonstrated a rare talent to interact pleasantly and constructively with a group, the members of which varied tremendously in prior knowledge and ability. The way that everyone responded to your offer to meet up at the Peter Scott Observatory after the scheduled end of course time to get some evening swan shots spoke volumes.

Barry Dale - Client: One Day Personal Course "An Introduction to Landscape Photography" - January 2016

This course was bought for me as a surprise birthday gift by my wife. The all day course was split into two with a morning session "in the field" and the afternoon spent at my computer processing the morning's images using my own digital image software. As a novice photographer both sessions were pitched at my level of ability and both proved immensely valuable. In the morning attention was given to the technical aspects of photography as they apply to successful landscape photographs. Of equal importance I came away with a broadened perspective of what constitutes a point of interest in the landscape. The opportunity to learn the disciplines of the "digital darkroom" using my own software (Aperture 3) was invaluable since familiarity with the software meant I could concentrate on the quality of the image produced rather than learning how to use the software.

By way of recommendation suffice it to say I am giving serious consideration to buying my son a Gift Voucher for one of Tom's photography courses.

Bill Tilstone - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop at Scottish Seabird Centre - May 2015

Thanks for a brilliant day! I learned a lot, and would add (as a retired academic and technical trainer) I was totally impressed by the way you managed a very disparate group of students. If suitable, could you keep me informed on any other workshops you do please?

Andrew Wheeler - Client: Full Day Photography Workshop - February 2015

I attended this one day course tutored by Tom and Bob at WWT Caerlaverock. It turned out to be a great day and I captured some pleasing images. The balance between indoor presentations and outdoor activity is about right. Participants were split into two groups according to photographic knowledge which I found a huge advantage. I also gained the best of both worlds as in the afternoon tutors switched around so I received tips from both Tom and Bob. Both these photographers have a wealth of information and experience which is passed on in an informative and relaxed style. Very worthwhile day and highly recommended.

Cathy Earle - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - March 2014

Tom and Bob's style is very gentle and they reacted well to the needs of the individual with considerable skill and aplomb! You were able to tap into their knowledge as much or as little as you wanted and listening to their general conversation and observations was often as enlightening as any 1:1 work. Undoubtedly made me think in a more coherent manner about my approach to wildlife photography.

Andrew Middleton - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - March 2014

I attended a 2 day weekend course with Tom Langlands and Bob Fitzsimmons at Caelaverock WWT on wildlife photography.

I bought a digital SLR camera about 18 months ago. I am still a bit of a novice however I am very interested in developing my skills in wildlife photography. This course was ideal for me. The centre provided plenty wildlife from small birds to large swans and geese. Tom and Bob were with us throughout to help and advise. I feel I have moved on to another level with my photography. The facilities and catering were very good and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I would recommend this course whether you are a beginner or more advanced and wish to improve your photography.

Gordon Mann - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - March 2014

I attended a full weekend course with Tom and Bob at Caerlaverock WWT reserve in March and I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone. They took great care to make sure that the course suited all of us and matched the very differents skill levels of the group. The mixture of talks and practical demonstrations with effectively one to one coaching made the weekend both enjoyable and rewarding. I certainly left with greater skills and knowledge and more importantly motivated to do more wildlife photography.

Juan Carlos Unda - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - March 2014

For my birthday my wife give me a gift voucher for the photography course, which was a great surprise. I was so looking forward to attending the course, and after the weekend I can truly say it was very helpful. The way Tom and Bob explained all the technical skills and detailed natural knowledge made it easy to understand and start to improve the quality of my photos. Now I feel more confident about taking pictures and would recommend the course to anyone who likes photography.

Sara Spillett - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - November/December 2013

Brilliant, brilliant course with Bob and Tom. Super helpful, tips and feedback, always positive and enthusiastic. I felt they were friends, who wanted my photography to be as good as it could be. RECOMMENDED!

Chris Smith - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - November/December 2013

Tom and Bob impart technical skills and detailed natural knowledge in an informative and easy manner. I learned much over the weekend and achieved much better pictures than I thought possible. I warmly recommend the course to anyone wishing to enhance their photography skills.

Carol Wilkie - Client: Half Day Red Squirrel Photography Course - February & June 2013

I can thoroughly recommend the photography course with Tom Langlands and Bob Fitzsimmons at The Eskrigg Nature Reserve, Lockerbie as a great fun day out. The red squirrels came in close enough for me to easily take many beautiful photographs of these cheeky little animals in their natural environment that I will treasure forever.  So good was my first course in the early spring that I also booked again during the summer and once more enjoyed the experience of bringing home a fine collection of excellent photographs.

Nigel Eve - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - June 2013

I attended a ‘macro and general’ photographic course organised and led by Tom Langlands and Bob Fitzsimmons at Caelaverock WWT Reserve in June 2013. It was both a very enjoyable and informative experience at a fantastic venue. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography and particularly wildlife photography.

The two day course was very well organised, starting with an orientation session where Bob and Tom demonstrated some of their images to show what could be aimed for using their advice through the course. Theoretical aspects were also discussed and there was plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. The main emphasis though was to get out on the reserve and do practical photography with one to one guidance available throughout as required. The course is flexible enough, in my opinion, to be suitable for all levels from relative beginner up to enthusiast.

Most of the time was spent on macro / close up wildlife subjects with a fantastic range of insect species on hand, especially Damselflies and Dragonflies in substantial numbers. Very little time was lost looking for suitable subjects. Some time was also spent on Swans and Cygnets, other bird species and an interesting short session on intentional camera movement photography in a wooded area of the reserve for impressionistic / artistic, more unconventional photographs. There were also two good sessions on editing digital wildlife images.

I achieved all my objectives and more on this course, learning a great amount of technique and theoretical knowledge and good practical skills too. It was also excellent to spend a full two days doing just photography, a luxury I seldom manage to achieve, also to spend time and learn from others with a similar interest. This form of practical learning I find far more valuable, but also complimentary to, learning from reading alone.

I chose to stay on site at the self catering Farmhouse accommodation on the reserve which is very comfortable but has the added bonus of having a conservatory looking out over the Folly Pond where birdlife and Badgers, for which food is left out every evening, can be watched. There is also 24 hour access onto the reserve and hides which I found was excellent when there was effectively nobody else around, Barn Owls were another highlight. Caerlaverock is a well known and superb reserve for wildfowl and birds in the winter, but is also really worth visiting in the summer with very varied insect, bird and animal species to see.

All in all, an excellent photographic weekend which I would recommend without hesitation.

Angela Hunter - Client: Half Day Red Squirrel Photography Course - June 2013

I really enjoyed the day. It is a really good set up. Plenty of space for everyone to get a really good close up photos of the squirrels. I normally make calendars of photographs I have taken for my family and friends for Christmas. I definitely got enough good photos for a whole calendar. I also enjoyed all the other wildlife on the reserve. If you like wildlife this is the place to go. There was a nesting little grebe, great spotted woodpeckers, greylags, tawny owl chicks and common lizards. I got some nice photos of the lizards. I would definitely recommend the course.

Sandra McNeill - Client: Half Day Squirrel Photography Course - February 2013

Having attended a previous course with Tom & Bob I had no hesitation in signing up for this one. I was not disappointed. Again, the opportunity to have one to one tuition was part of this course & Tom & Bob's knowledge of where the squirrels came from & their behaviour was a highlight of the day.

The set up was such that it was possible to get really close to these delightful creatures as they went about their daily lives.

Suzanne Storm - Client: Half Day Red Squirrel Photography Course - February 2013

I attended one of the Red Squirrel Photography courses run by Tom Langlands & Bob Fitzsimmons at the Eskrigg Reserve, near Lockerbie. I found both the instructors to be very patient with all of us, helping each and every one with the settings on our cameras. Some of us had no idea about our settings; others were keen to learn more about their cameras.

We were shown how to take photographs from different angles to bring more interesting results. To use our tripods to their best advantage, and plenty of help for those of us who had not used one before. We were taught how to use the lighting and depth of field to enhance our shots. I noted that all of us were asking questions about our cameras, and learning from the experts, and all of us were listening to make sure we did not miss anything.

We learned how to encourage the squirrels to come to us with great sympathy and understanding of our subject by the instructors. The instructors made our experience both interesting and delightful, it is quite something to see these lovely creatures coming in so close we could almost touch them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and recommend to anyone whether you are a novice or experienced, the joy of getting in close to a Red Squirrel is quite something!

Sandra McNeill - Client: Full Weekend Photography Course - Dec 2012

This was a most enjoyable weekend spent in the company of two very experienced wildlife photographers. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome & after an introduction setting the scene we were soon off out taking pictures. The small group enabled a one to one experience & Tom & Bob were very encouraging from the start; from simple tweeks of the camera settings to where to achieve the best possible pictures.

Their knowledge & understanding of the various bird behaviour meant that our chance of achieving 'that' picture was maximised.

The discussion & critique of our pictures was always positive & encouraging. No question was deemed to be too simple or irrelevant, which is important particularly when the group is of differing abilities & experience.

They are keen & enthusiastic with a real love of nature & respect the boundaries between allowing clients to have the very best experience possible whilst at the same time not interfering with the natural behaviour of their subjects.

I came away enthused in the knowledge that my photography skills had improved but most of all inspired by Tom & Bob.

If the opportunity arises to attend one of their courses I would recommend it.