Mercy Buckets in Noah's Park

17th March 2018
It's not every day that you get the chance to write a pantomime and to see it performed but that was the challenge and the fun when I set about writing Mercy Buckets in Noah's Park. Having written last year's show - All Aboard the Ark - for St Andrew's Church, Annan and having had the opportunity to direct it it was once again great fun to write and direct this year's sequel.

Mercy Buckets in Noah's Park is a tale of a modern-day animal safari park built on the actual site where Noah's Ark landed after the great biblical flood. At first it seems that all of the animals are enjoying a wonderful life in the sunshine visited by coach-loads of tourists. However it soon transpires that all is not what it seems and the animals are being used for experiments by the evil Gene Messer.

It is a fun and family-friendly, interactive production but it also raises moral issues about how we treat animals and how we use them for our own ends.

The production attracted an audience of around 450 over its three night run.